Kids With Cattitude was founded in December 2015. From the beginning, Kids With Cattitude has always been dedicated to bringing hope and smiles to the kiddos up at Medical City. Why? Madison Kanneman's, the founder, story influenced the startup of 'Cattitude. At 13, Madison was called by a doctor to recieve a heartbreaking diagnosis. By December 2015, Madison was completely, utterly sick. She spent so much time in the hospital that it became her second home.
Madison was determined to spread the hope she had been given by her best friend, her mentor, and her sister. Before Madison's first surgery, her best friend had given her a cat fleece blanket. As Madison contemplated how she could help other kids, she determined that making blankets would be the best way to bless kids; a hospital is uncomfortable. A nice, snuggly blanket might not take away one's pain, but at least it can comfort a child. The idea exploded as Madison realized how she has a calling from God to help and serve kids. Our idea of hope came from her mentor: though there is pain in suffering, there is always, however slight, hope. Boundless love came from her sister.
Today, Madison is still severly ill,        but is just as determined as she ever was to help kids.  Kids With Cattitude focuses on making cards, blankets, and              crafts for the children up at Medical City. We want to give that same love Madison's best friend gave her to these                  sweet kids; we want to bring hope to them in the same way her mentor brought Madison hope, love the same way her sister loved her, and joy the same way her best friend made her smile. 
We are founded on those key elements, along         with being grounded in the Judeo-Christian faith.  
Why Cattitude???
Along with her fierce instinct for helping and protecting kids, Madison is known for her crazy cat obsession. 
Where is Madison today?
Madison is a published author, under the name Madison Anne. She strives to bring hope to her readers as she displays the heartbreak in suffering.